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What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing occurs through multiple exposures through different electronic interactions. Examples of interactions that a smart entity can use to target a market demographic include but are not limited to:

  • Search Engines
  • Blog Content
  • Mobile Applications
  • Webpages
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Forum Signatures
  • Electronic mail
  • Online Chat or Whispers
  • Social Flash Games

The basic concepts that apply to marketing regardless of media advertised in remain the same. The marketing entity should know the target audience, the message that is intended to be given, the action that is desired to be prompted and the most effective way to reach the audience.

Internet marketing is appealing to organizations hoping to reach a wide range of people. The sheer potential of individuals to be reached is unquantifiable because of how quickly electronic messages pass between individuals and audiences. This phenomenon is called going viral and implies that the message is being shared and passed among people as quickly as a virus spreads and permeates amongst society.

Using a hook to capture the target audience's attention is imperative for successful Internet marketing. All an individual needs to do is peruse the first few words or sentence and then move on or click on something else to bypass the message.

Internet marketing relies strongly on making a lasting impact so that the audience stays on the advertisement longer or selects links from the advertisement to arrive at the location where the commodity is being offered in the hopes that the target buys the message, goods, or service.

The advertising that takes place can effectively reach the target audience in an easier manner if the marketing is slipped into content that the audience has already given acceptance toward.

Search Engines and Webpages

The most versatile Internet marketing is to spin written content so that it appears in the Search Engine index when an individual keys in a phrase hoping to find a useful resource for the desired information. If an entity can find an association for a commonly searched phrase and tie it into the product message then the odds that an individual will see or hear the marketing increases.

Knowing how a search engine calculates the relevance of an article to the search words entered will be helpful in creating Internet marketing that relies upon search engine results for delivery.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are being and have been developed as conveniences and free gifts to target audiences in the hopes of luring the audience towards the user friendly and caring demeanor of an organization. When a mobile application is learned by a consumer the consumer is disinclined to change without someone or something offering a greater benefit than what they already receive. Once a target can be reached via their mobile device, the marketing entity has secured an audience that has already bought in partially to the commodity.

Paid Advertisements

Paid advertising, much like traditional advertising consists of an organization offering currency to put an advertisement on a website or social media gathering place in order to reach the wide audience that the website has already garnered. The audience may not have bought into the message but will be exposed to the marketing every time they interact with the site that has paid advertising supporting it.

Forum Signatures

Members of forums can put an advertisement in their forum signatures which will be viewable and reach out to audiences every time they post. This is often free and highly dependent upon how active a forum poster is in order to get the message out as frequently as possible.

Electronic mail

This advertising consists of acquiring the audience's email address and sending direct information to them via spam, coupons or notifications. Businesses and organizations can use this form to reach out to someone even if they do not traditionally interact with the customer online. Examples include restaurants who offer birthday clubs or periodic coupons or deals to mailing lists.

Online Chat or Whispers

Chat room users are easily approachable as are video game users who have chat inherent as part of the game.

Social Flash Games

Casual gamers can be reached easily by offering a free source of entertainment which includes micro transactions or rewards for purchasing a commodity or performing an action asked for by an organization. Many people are receptive to this form of advertising as they are rewarded for having fun and the dollar amounts are often small.

There are many varied ways to use Internet Marketing depending upon the target audience.