Online Marketing Conferences

Online Marketing Conferences

Online marketing conferences are a wonderful way to network, diversify one's knowledge and hone one's marketing skills. There are several hosted every year at various localities by those involved in the industry.

The Online Marketing Summit based out of San Diego, California holds annual expositions as well as workshops and content sessions. The OMS offers many resource centers, speakers, exhibitors and press. This entity offers a newsletter sign up and involves itself in many online social venues to keep its members in touch. It holds many conference sessions on a biweekly basis available on its online calendar at

Also based in San Diego is the Social Media Marketing World developed by the Social Media Examiner. It offers its members networking opportunities. This particular conference holder claims to be the leader in global growth of online social media magazines. This entity has been scored as one of the web's top ten for desired business destinations by Technorati and AdAge. The website to reach out to SMMW is

South By Southwest is another organization based out of Austin, Texas that holds a marketing conference annually. Like OMS, it offers its members a newsletter sign up. It offers interactive learning sessions online to those who are interested. The home page can be found at

There are other online marketing conferences to be found over the web community. The primary concern of someone looking to expand a social network and learn from others is to make sure the organization hosting the conferences is offering legitimate services.

Some online marketing conferences are designed to take in fees from applicants as a business endeavor and are in the business of making a profit by selling tickets. It is entirely reasonable that an organization wants to help the marketing community to develop and wants to recuperate the expenditures among the members. Anyone seeking online conferences should investigate what's being offered and at what cost to determine if the request for monetary donations or fees is reasonable.

Many of the online organizations have a presence in local communities and tend to be found heavily concentrated near large metropolitan areas where businesses tend to thrive. However, one need not be local to the area to make use of the online conferences. With the digital technology available many of the organizations offer online sessions and interactive chats with others in order to share knowledge and networks.

BOLO, standing for Be On the Look Out, is a digital marketing conference based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. This organization prides itself on promoting thinking from outside the box and likes to be the leader in changing approaches and perceptions. The organization's website can be found at

One need not even be local to a particular country to find these bounties of knowledge and marketing savvy. The organization known as MOZ found at offers Spanish digital marketing in addition to non-Spanish conferences. MOZ also offers webinars to its members as well as allowing members to watch previous conferences for free.

Europe claims to offer the largest online marketing festival in central Europe accessible at

Another entity that tries to lead in online marketing conferences at a global level is the Content Marketing World group. Their website is at This group claims to be the host of the largest marketing conferences on Earth.

Many social networks that host online marketing conferences are sponsored by successful businesses looking for leaders in innovative approaches to advertising. The content offered is an excellent way to absorb business knowledge from individuals that have already made a mark in the advertising industry. Visiting an online marketing conference can lead to acquiring a professional mentor, future business contacts and much more.

Visiting some of the online marketing registration pages reveals that many of these events have followers exceeding the thousands and provides a much better method of networking than smaller social venues like Facebook. In fact, an online internet marketer that intends to be successful needs to expand boundaries far outside the local social networks intended for gathering.

Remember that unless the marketing content is being hosted on a self-provided platform by the company or person doing the marketing that the profit and advertising revenue generated are to the benefit of the social media and not to the actual marketer.

It is true that a marketer will have to spend some money on advertising operations to actually drive a profit from successful ads. Smart online marketers will use the best tools for the job and reap more revenue for their investment if they go to the online marketing conferences for networking rather than rely upon social media.