Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing strategies work best when the advertiser has identified the target audience. To identify the audience, the organization doing the advertising needs to develop a clear understanding of the message being given and what the desired result of that message accomplishes.

Tactics employed in online marketing strategies to appeal to an audience and prompt an action are no different than what has already been established using traditional means. Only the technology used to reach the target demographic is different.

Figuring out which audience is the target is only the first step. Market research needs to be completed in order to figure out where the audience congregates. Online advertising's goal is to achieve maximum attention from the online individual in order to persuade the reader or listener to take an action.

Traditional methods of advertising used to include radio spots, television commercials and billboards. Because the action of turning away from those traditional means took longer than it does to do the same thing online, people were often exposed to the message in whole whether they wanted to be exposed or not.

Television commercials, for example, can take anywhere from many seconds to half a minute. Often people would leave the commercial running while they took care of personal needs or tasks during the commercial break meaning they would hear the advertisement. Whether or not they actually thought about the message does not mean their subconscious wasn't processing the information. Then, when the individual went shopping the message from the commercial could potentially still influence their decisions because of association from the message given. Radio advertisements had a similar impact. Billboards were seen until the car drove past, there was no avoiding that message which could be seen from a mile away or more.

Internet marketing has the same tribulations as traditional methods in that if people don't want to be exposed to the advertisement they merely need click the back button on the browser or go to a new link or close the browser window. It takes less than a second for the audience to shut down the communication.

Online marketing strategies could not rely upon the reactions established by audiences via prior means. Online marketers had to establish a strong hook immediately to prompt further attention given. Some marketers have attempted to get around this by buying advertising space on videos and web pages where the viewer could not click past the message. An enforced wait time exposed the viewer to the advertisement but it also likely irritated or angered the viewer who felt held hostage by a random message which might or might not appeal to their needs and wants.

Advertisements presented online are far more effective when the viewer wants to hear the message and even enjoys it. Creating a positive association with a product is always beneficial to establishing a long time repeat customer. That is why market research is necessary.

It is much easier and more profitable to market to an audience already predisposed to want the product. Figuring out the target audience and then spending resources on locating where the majority of the target audience congregates online will provide online advertisers the largest reach and increase the probability of favorable response.

Some consultants to advertising will emphasize that sales is a numbers game. Reaching more individual means more potential sales and to a point that is true. But consumers of today who grew up using electronic methods of communications are often more savvy than the advertisers who are learning to adapt to a new technology from traditional methods.

Examining the entertainment industry which is often used to promote advertising provides an example. Traditionally, television commercials were successful for the exposure provided to market audiences in commercial breaks on popular shows. Today's technology allows recording of shows in a very convenient manner which also allows consumers to skip past commercials. Television shows are even being created a season at a time and provided all at once to modern viewers which bypasses even the opportunity to purchase advertising because there are no commercial breaks.

Mass mailing enormous mailing lists, for example, is one method advertisers attempted to reach numbers of people as an audience. The result was a spam folder and email services that automatically filtered mail into the folder so that recipients never even had to look at the advertisement. Online communications means advertisements can be communicated very quickly, however, the audience is equally as quick to turn away before the full message can be delivered.

Online marketing strategies are not any different than traditional strategies. The key differences are to quantify the target audience more stringently and to offer the strongest hook possible to keep the viewer interested in perusing the electronic advertisement without blocking future attempts to maximize an advertiser's influence.